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Reproduction Services


As we know, your ranch is your business and your way of life.  A great management tool for your herd is to pregnancy check the cows every fall. Some ranchers will say it is a waste of money to preg check, this statement is false.  Alberta Vet Center charges on average $5.00 per cow and the cost of wintering that same cow is around $250. This is quite the difference.

We cannot guarantee that all the cows said in calf will calve in the spring due to untold stresses these cows may endure during the wintering period, but if we tell you that your cow is "open" or not in calf, we can guarantee that your cow is not bred more than 30 days.


*It is important for you to take the bulls away from the cows at least 30 days prior to us pregnancy checking your herd.*  


Our Reproduction Services

Semen testing is also another reproductive service that we offer at Alberta Veterinary Center.  We can semen test up to 100 bulls in one day with co-operative weather and bulls.  We test the bulls one day and take the semen slides back to the clinic to evaluate under the microscope.  After the veterinarian has looked at all of the slides (a day or two) we give the producer a copy of the paperwork to give to any future buyers or to just keep in your files at home.  We will also give you any advice for any reproductive problems you may be encountering in your herds. 

We have recently opened our mobile reproductive unit.  This is the RV we have pictured to the left.  We can come to your farm, collect your bulls and freeze them all on farm!!  This is for in-herd use only and we have had great success!  Call us for more information and prices.  Willing to travel across Alberta!