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The breeding of horses has become an important part of the industry in recent years.  Because of this, we help you breed your horses, whether it be an assisted hand breeding, fresh artificial insemination, frozen artificial insemination, or to collect the stallion for shipping. 

At our hospital we only have 4 indoor stalls and these are reserved for our hospitalized patients.  We have an agreement with Klondike Victory Farms, just north of Sylvan Lake.  We do all of our breeding procedures at this farm.  They have indoor and outdoor room for your mares and foals.  Klondike Victory Farms is only 15 minutes from the clinic, please ask us for directions. 

For the breeding of your mare we need you to first do some research into which stallion you would like to breed to and get that paper work signed and prepared for us.  Sometimes this takes a little while and if we are shipping semen, we usually only order a day or two before we need it, so it is extremely important to have everything organized and up to date.  We also recommend you to bring your mare into us for a pre-season ultrasound.  This ultrasound is beneficial for us to see what your mare's vagina and uterus look like and if they needs to be cleaned up or "fixed" in any way we can do this before the breeding season.  It is also very important for us to have a detailed history of previous breeding and foaling problems your mare might have had. 

Please call our clinic for any more information on the breeding of your mares!