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Equine Services


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As part of our routine care we provide vaccinations, deworming, Coggins testing, dental care and reproductive services. 


Time of need care- We offer care for your horse in case of medical and surgical colic, sickness, lameness, injury, metabolic problems, or chronic illness. We are equipped to provide hospitalized care on a 24 hour basis.

Pre-Purchase Examinations- An extensive physical examination, lameness evaluation, musculoskeletal is offered by our veterinarians prior to purchasing a horse. The information gathered is used by the prospective buyer and/or agent to determine whether the horse will be serviceable for it's intended use. The exam often, but not always,  includes laboratory testing, radiographs, endoscopy, and ultrasound examination. 

Lameness Examination- Evaluates the locomotion of your horse. Our veterinarians use a variety of techniques to identify the source(s) of lameness including physical examination and palpation, flexion tests, as well as joint and nerve blocks. Digital radiography, ultrasound, and laboratory tests may help further evaluate the source of your horse's lameness.  

Surgery- Standing or recumbent surgery of the horse is performed during a number of procedures. We offer surgical procedures such as colic, fracture repair, and arthroscopy. We also offer laparoscopic surgeries including spays, cryptorchids and biopsies.

Ultrasonography- Uses sound waves to evaluate soft tissues like tendons and ligaments, reproductive organs, lumps, and tumors. It is painless and non-invasive.  We have an ultrasound that has the capability to be used on both large and small animal patients.  This can aid in imaging some issues which may not be imaged in the ways such as x-ray.

Radiography- We have two portable x-ray units which we can take to the barn.  Digital radiography uses x-rays to visualize bone for abnormalities including arthritic changes, fractures, OCD, bone cysts and bone infection. Our equipment is capable of providing digital images within seconds. These images are viewed on a 17" screen and can be enlarged and to see subtle  changes often not visible on conventional radiographs.

Endoscopy- Utilizes a fibre optic device for evaluating the upper airway of the horse, including the larynx, sinuses and guttural pouches. The trachea and upper esophagus can also be examined with this flexible device. Useful in pre-purchase examinations, respiratory, or reactive airway disease.  Our endoscopic exams can also be utilized for biopsies. 

Reproduction- Alberta Veterinary Center offers a full range of reproductive services such as: stallion collection and evaluation, stallion collection and semen freezing, chilled and frozen artificial insemination, as well as embryo transfer. 


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