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Dr. Rick Katchuik

Dr. Katchuik has been a practicing veterinarian upon his graduation from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Rick has always had a love for horses, and is very involved in the race horse associations in Alberta. 

The owner of Alberta Veterinary Center, Dr. Katchuik also now owns Canadian Beef Sires in Innisfail. It operates as a fully functioning cattle semen facility to facilitate the increasing need for frozen semen. 

Rick has three sons who keep him very busy when he is not at the clinic.

To contact Dr. Rick Katchuik directly please email him at 

Dr. Andres Sanchez

 Originally from Ecuador, Dr. Andres Sanchez is our equine surgeon. He completed his surgical training at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (Saskatoon) in 2015 and earned his veterinary degree in Argentina at the National University of Central Buenos Aires in 2009. His vast experience also includes an internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, several externships in the United States, work in renowned thoroughbred breeding farms in Argentina, and private general practice in his hometown. 

Dr. Sanchez is particularly interested in performing lameness exams and a broad variety of surgical procedures from basic soft tissue surgeries including cryptorchidectomies, hernia repairs, and upper airway surgeries (tie-back and tie-forward) to more complex procedures such as abdominal surgery on colic cases and orthopedic surgeries including arthroscopy, pastern arthrodesis, and fracture repairs. Dr. Sanchez' research focuses on joint infections and he has presented his findings at renowned international conferences. More information about his research can be found at the following links:  Evaluating Joint Infections Using SAA LevelsWCVM Team Researches Septic ArthritisOwner Helps Get Jack Back on Track 

To contact Dr. Andres Sanchez directly, please email him at