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Dr. Rick Katchuik

Dr. Rick Katchuik

Dr. Rick Katchuik has been a practicing veterinarian since his graduation from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. While Rick works with all species, he has a professional interest in bovine and equine reproduction. In 2019 Dr Rick bred more than 150 mares, plus an additional 50-60 embryo transfers. He also has been busy working getting his Equine ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) lab set up. It is a technique for in vitro fertilization in which an individual sperm cell is introduced into an egg cell that has been aspirated from the mare. The embryo is grown then transferred to a recipient mare to carry the foal. Alberta Veterinary Center is excited to be able to offer this service for the 2020 breeding season! Beyond reproduction, Dr Rick also has an interest in surgery, lameness and dentistry.



Dr. Jessica Romanow

Dr Jessica Romanow joined the Alberta Vet Center in the fall of 2018, after spending several years in an equine sports medicine practice. Her practice focus is on the equine athlete, with special interest in rehabilitation, lameness, and racetrack medicine. Jessica travels all over western Canada providing sport medicine services. She is fully equipped to offer endoscopy, shockwave, radiographs, ultrasound, IRAP, PRP, joint injections, and much more on the road. While she loves all breeds of horses, she has a passion for speed horses, especially thoroughbreds!

Pheobe Oudshoorn, Veterinary Assistant


Dr. Jessica Wu

Dr. Jessica Wu grew up in Taiwan and completed her DVM degree at the National Taiwan University in 2018 and came to Canada in 2019. Her love for animals started at a very young age growing up she owned different kinds of pets including dogs and cats. In addition to conventional medicine, she has a passion for integrative/alternative treatments and has completed training programs in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in both Taiwan and the US. She enjoys communicating and understandinging the needs of each pet and family, and figuring out a caring plan that suites them. Jessica and her husband Ray currently own 4 dogs and 6 horses. Aside from being a small animal vet Jessica spends her time rideing her horses and training in Dressage.